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Nobody said anything when Rosanne Barr said any farmers involved with GMO should be burned to death. It really looks like Whole Foods was backing this anti-GMO movement in an attempt to prop up their large hold on a declining organic food market. Now, Whole Foods is seeing large loss of market share in organic foods, almost toppling, and the frenzy that was being driven in Hawaii also seems to be fizzling out. Coincidence or connection?

Aloha Ted
I don't know anything about Whole Foods nationally. But, in Hawaii, I do know the leader of their produce sector--Claire Sullivan. I've talked with her on many occasions. Her goal is to source local in larger and larger percentages and would prefer organic wherever possible. I am very supportive of her wanting to supply larger and larger percentages from local sources. I am aware that the chain has a policy of being GMO free by xxxyear. They already source a GMO free papaya and will probably source milk from the new dairy on Kauai. Other than that, most of Hawaii's supply of GMO products are imported. Its all about the costs people are willing to pay.

Have you noticed how every controversial campaign (anti-GMO, anti same sex rights, anit-abortion, anti Climate Change, anti-vaccines, anti-evolution, etc) is based on inflicting fear on followers by ignoring and discrediting scientific research based on bogus or religious claims? One would think that with scientific progress this country would make steps towards better understanding, yet it seems that we're moving back in time....

Hi Richard
Wonder why this guys message is so popular... he has online subscribers to his newsletter near 400,000 and 1.7 million views a month to www.naturalnews.com. That's a huge audience... I read the article... the correlation with Hitler was in poor taste but I didn't see a direct call for violence being made by the statements he made... it just seemed like part of the spin game surrounding the GMO issue. Why not just label the GMO foods and be done with it... let the public decide at the grocery store.

Condoning the killing of pro GMO commentators, just
part of the spin game? That is the opposite of aloha. Even Vandana Shiva de-linked to that over the top post. Mike Adams is good at marketing and promotion. Huckster I would call him. Is he credible to you?
Someone told me that you just moved to Hawaii. What is your background? Hawaiians would recite their genealogy to share that info.

R. Romo, I get called crazy but I started seeing this deliberate dumbing down of America start under Ronald Reagan. He wanted to eliminate the Department of Education entirely but that was too radical back then. This is a right-wing Republican (the Tea Party is far right-wing Republican) "conservative" movement. It is tied into the evangelical Christianity that was formed as a political force with a firm backing in Creationism. These two things, Creationism and dismantling of the educational system is resulting in this dumbing down of America. Why dumb down America? How else do you get a population that believes nonexistent yellow cake and aluminum pipes are "just" reasons to wage an unprovoked war, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths as well as driving America over $6 trillion more into debt, just so a small handful of right-wing Republicans in Texas become massively wealthy. A dumbed down population is easier to control than an educated one. Unfortunately, the dumbing down is not anywhere near ending. Watch Idiocracy.

Wow… Slow Down Richard,
Condoning, supporting or encouraging others to kill anyone is fundamentally wrong. Destroying biodiversity, the ecology, climate and soil microbiology is fundamentally wrong. Not allowing others to express their views, beliefs and exercise their right to freedom of speech, no matter how we feel personally, is wrong too. We all need Live Aloha.
I didn’t even know this Mike Adams character existed until I read your newsletter… I looked at his article posted on GLP and drilled down into most of the GLP links about Adams. I looked at his websites and he is definitely a sensationalist type marketing guy… part survivalist, part end of the world prepper and part conspiracy theory nut. It seems that he is financially successful. His politics, delivery and reporting is over the top hype… But both sides of the GMO debate sell fear and their respective solutions to that fear… Wars have been fought using this age old strategy of problem reaction solution. He has good internet traffic numbers so his message must be gaining popularity with people who question the status quo as the ultimate authority…
Mike Adams has No Creditability with me… with one exception, herbal remedies, raw whole foods and organic farming are healthier than allopathic medicine, processed foods and industrial chemical farming.
As I said before, the correlation with Hitler and Monsanto was in very poor taste. The only thing they have in common is questionable agendas. Vandana Shiva, who has creditability in the GMO debate, was right in putting distance between her anti-gmo movement and the Adams-Hitler-Monsanto article. I don’t agree with his approach and can’t see how it helps the anti-gmo movement… To me he is an extreme component of the spin game... I don’t like Adams types and I don’t like Rush Limbaugh or Blooomberg types either.
Don’t get me wrong… the article was very disturbing for sure… but I think you may have over reacted to his quoting a German politician who allegedly made those remarks in a speech…
According to Adams that statement was allegedly part of a speech made by German President Joachim Gauck regarding Nazi war criminals and their crimes against humanity. There wasn’t a link, or reference, to verify if President Gauck even said these words, which I found suspicious. But it’s a real stretch to say Adams was calling for people to rise up and kill anyone. On the other hand the anti-gmo people have reason to be fearful as Monsanto has recently hired black opts military contractor “Blackwater” to keep tabs on anti-gmo activists… search the net and see what these guys did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Anyway enough about this Adams guy already…
Whoever told you that I just moved to Hawaii was wrong… 35 yrs on the Big Island. Don’t make assumptions about me based on bad information? The Andrade clan was established in Hawaii in the early 1900’s. I was raised by parents and grandparents that practiced and lived ALOHA. I got my education from UC Berkeley, MBA and Political Science. Professionally my last employment in Hawaii was as VP of Operation for real estate development firm with 6 sub-companies, 250 employees and 120 million in gross sales 2004. Currently growing organic food and livestock at what you would consider the market garden level. We feed ourselves and our neighbors and sell produce to certain vendors at local farmers markets, No chemical inputs… we focus on soil microbiology and let the soil grow or plants. We follow the principles of permaculture, and we use biodynamic, EM and Korean Natural Farming techniques to farm by. We believe that conventional, industrial, chemical, and GMO farmers are not true farmers… they act more like Miners, taking more and more from the land to conquer nature rather than work with it. We believe that conventional, industrial, chemical, and GMO farmers should be reclassified as growers or producers not farmers.
Your recent definition of agriculture pretty much sums up your position… Agriculture is the conversion of fossil fuel to food. Since fossil fuels are finite, food will become more expensive, unless we can get more efficiency through science!
All life stems from the conversion of solar energy… not fossil fuels. Science…. Which branch of science should we pay more attention to… biology and soil science or should we back away from biotech in agriculture. Biotech science and research has been funded, influenced and corrupted by biotech money.
Here are 3 bottom line questions for you Richard…
1) Would you support state and federal laws for labeling of foods containing GMO INGREDIENTS and tell me why you would or wouldn’t.
2) Shouldn’t we give the American people the right to know and decide on what they eat? Isn’t that the American democratic way?
3) I can’t chant my genealogy, can you?

Take care Richard…


I asked you twice for your background. Thank you for sharing that you have an in MBA political science. Very successful career in Real Estate, 250 employees and 120 million gross sales. Now, market garden level organic farmer.

I come from the point of view of full time farming -- production agriculture. I do believe that we need all forms of food growing to feed the world's growing population. However, organic farming only supplies about 4% of the US production agriculture and probably 1% of Hawaii's agriculture. Its cost of production is high. The folks on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder cannot afford organically grown food. We need affordable food to insure our food security.

We brand our products as non-GMO, thinking if people care they would seek it out. I have not seen an uptick in sales yet.

The link above is to Neil deGrasse Tyson's take on GMOs. He does not see any difference. Did you see the videos from Dean Shane Burgess of the Univ of Az, College of Ag and Life Sciences? He is very credible.

I asked Dean Gallo how much money the large seed companies have funded to CTAHR. $2,500 or so came from Monsanto, strictly for scholarships. It's no more than 2.5% of CTAHR's budget. Claiming undue influence and worse is just not what goes on. You are repeating the Mike Adams arguments. Through its wide network of connectivity it comes back around and people don't even know it.

I know a lot about production agriculture. We've grown more than 100 million pounds of produce in our 35 years. My concern is providing affordable food to the masses and in lowering cost of production, so I can raise my workers' pay. The average age of farmers is getting older every year. This is not sustainable.

We should meet and I can introduce you to people so you can see what really goes on. My cell is 960-1057. Call me.

Please answer my 3 questions

1. Would I support Federal or State laws for labeling of GMO ingredients?

If labeling is to be done, I support it at the Federal level, not at the State level. It should be done in a uniform manner, not in a hodgepodge of individual requirements. Labeling at the State level will result in higher food costs for the rubbah slippah folks for no good reason.

2- Shouldn't we give the American people the right to know what they eat?

General Mills labeled their Cheerios as non-GMO, and it did not increase their sales. If the American people wanted labeling, they would pay extra for it and business people would respond. We label our tomato as non-GMO and I
have not seen any difference in our sales. Our farm was first in the world to be certified ECO OK by the Rainforest Alliance in 1992. We proudly put an ECO OK label on all our bananas. But I could not charge enough to make up for the cost of certification and identification so I stopped doing it. Should someone have forced me to label? I don't think so. All it would do is raise the food cost. I am against rising food costs.

3- Can I chant my genealogy? No!

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