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Appreciate the information and updates. Mahalo!

I'm not sure about what you are saying. I think PV works as part of the mix for renewable, sustainable energy but is cannot be the sole energy source here or anywhere else for the foreseeable future. There must be a grid. Getting entirely off the grid is a pipe dream if we want the kind of life we have become used to. Batteries are not a very good way to store energy for several reasons. I also don't think that developing a separate electric grid on each island is going to fill the bill either. It will be too inefficient and expensive in the long haul. But it all depends on what we want to do and are willing to put up with.

Solar PV is very deceptive to the average person. They see it as free energy because it is from the sun. The fact is even for the sun, the light energy produced is not free. The sun is burning a fuel, hydrogen, to produce that light. Solar PV are not green at all. Where they are manufactured, requires consuming huge amounts of electricity and materials, many toxic requiring mines, factories, contaminated water and so on. They are part of the alternative energy solution but they are the least green. What happens when the panels wear out? Their life is about 20 to 30 years now. They are just going to be dumped, since there isn't enough reusable e-waste to recover. And one thing that is never posted about solar PV. How do people think they achieve their interconnection conductivity? Through silver paste. Solar PV use huge amounts of silver, which eventually gets buried in landfills, too diluted of amounts to recover cost effectively.

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