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This blog is one farmer’s tractor ride into the computer world. One could think of it as “The Farmer and the Dell.”

We call it “Ha Ha Ha!” because the farmer’s name is Richard Ha, and his Hamakua Springs Country Farms is a family business. Three generations of the Ha family work on the farm (get it?) and they all have a pretty good-natured approach to things.

Hamakua Springs Country Farms, located in Pepeekeo on the Big Island of Hawaii’s Hamakua coast, grows award-winning tomatoes, bananas, lettuce and cucumbers that are available throughout Hawaii in major supermarket chains and made into delicious dishes at some of Hawaii's finest restaurants. They taste really good.

The farm's emphasis is always on:

• Taste—producing the best-tasting produce possible, and

• Sustainability—providing clean and safe working conditions for employees, and producing the safest food products possible, partly by using hydroponics, which require less pesticides and fertilizer and, as a bonus, less energy use.

Read more about the farm at our website. And then check back here often to read the rest of the story.

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