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Got ya beat on the shorts thing... Clay Wittmeyer (export sales manager SunWorld International) and I went to the supermarket in Monte Vista, Colorado in shorts one nite... temp--- 35 degrees, BELOW ZERO. Yes, we had a few stunned onlookers. I guess I should have shaved my legs to cut down on the gasps...

I'll see your short pants, 35 degrees below zero and raise you the short pants, 35 degrees below zero on top of Mauna Kea with rubber slippers. Richard

You are both nuts! (Said respectfully.) Please call from the top of Mauna Kea and I'll blog about it. And then I'll call the paramedics for you. Leslie, Chief Blogger here

Done Deal Richard... Next trip!

Pretty funny, I was remembering that night we went stargazing up on the summit, as I read the article. We were all freezing and wrapped in blankets, and you were cruising around like nothing, even with the wind chill factor.

That was like 20 years ago. Since then you worked for 2 years at the Canada France scope. Now you're an Apache helicopter pilot and I'm looking up to you. Dad

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