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Thanks Richard.
An impressive process you are undertaking. I'm interested in how three of your themes tie together going forward:
- multiple family farms
- more organic (less pesticides)
- less reliant on petroleum as an energy source
I'd like to hear more on how these three themes compliment each other in their implementation.
Thanks again, Chuck

Thanks Chuck.
It really is about people and how we leverage the stregths that we each can bring to bear. The Hawaiian Ahupua'a system is based on this idea. But, it is broader than that. It is about all of us together facing an uncertian future. I think that you and I come from the same place. Thanks for your comments. I will be addressing each of your points as we move forward.

Great to see pics of JIm Brewbaker on your site. He has been an advocate for Hawaiian Agriculture for so long! It looks like you had a wonderful visit to Waimanalo.

We loved your blog on Waimanalo's Field Day. Please add commendation to the farm crew; they are great.

In taste tests, entry B was "Sweet Sarah", while entry A was "Hawaiian Supersweet #10". No doubt about it, Sarah is the winner; Danny's now growing some. Dr. Sarah (Styan) is now corn geneticist for Pioneer on Kauai!

What year was Hawaiian Sweet Corn engineered in, by whom and at what school?

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