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Richard, It all makes so much sense. Thanks for looking to the future and taking action.

Is there a model for the citizens to fund this purchase over time (monthly buy in payments)?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the residents of the big island owned this power plant...

I'd pay a little extra each month to guarantee we stopped importing oil for electricity!

I would like to support your venture as well. As I'm retired, it wouldn't be in a large way, but I am so happy to see your efforts to make this company of the people instead of for the stockholders. Watching the corporations take over the government and supposed representatives of the citizens saddens me and I congratulate you for your caring enough to take on this responsibility!

PGV works so long as steam not lava comes out of the hole.

Pushing millions of gallons of toxic affluent fluid and lubricants into a a mile of pipe that transverses the most pristine and largest aquifer in the world into ocean water makes for a future destined for more calamity.

Aloha Everyone;
We are at a time in history like when the ancient people decided they needed to send the canoes north to find a better tomorrow. We all want better for future generations. This is a special time in Hawaii's history.
Mahalo for helping us be the best that we can be.


I am certain that kaaahi 7 is right in saying that there are some risks that must be identified and managed in the geothermal process. We are all interested in understanding those risks and the management processes you will use to mitigate them.

On the other hand, I am convinced that there are few people that have more love and concern for the long-term pristine viability of our Hawaiian home than you, Richard. I have every confidence you will do and are doing all that is possible to minimize downside risk.

The thing that cannot be done is to sit on our hands and do nothing. We cannot trust the prevailing profit model to work in our long-term benefit. We cannot sit and hope for a "silver bullet" technology that will save us from our reliance on fossil fuels and our profligate use of that resource. We cannot continue to pump poisionous CO2 into our air and believe that it will be pure. We cannot reasonably hope that we can maintain a lifestyle that is the envy of the world by reliance on a increasing scarce resource supplied by increasingly precarious transportation infrastructure.

It is precisely because this pristine environment must be protected that we must take action and invest local resources and skills to assure a paradise that will endure for our children and their children.

Let us know what we can do.

Aloha everyone.
Mahalo for your support and concern for this place we call home. We will try very hard to hear everyone's concerns and take them into account. But, as we all can see, time is short. Soon we will set up a website and will be asking your support to let your legislators know how you feel. I am convinced that we can do this by starting from the bottom up. With all your help we are going to demonstrate; "Not, no can. CAN"

70% of grid power is consumed by government buildings. I would like to hear more green and an honest plans to cut that number by putting some green on the roofs and some open windows.

Putting the burden of sustainability on the homeowner with out the discussion involving a more efficient government is not CAN CAN and certainly NOT pono.

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