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Toyota is going to showcase their fuel cell car at CES next week. They are trying to make it price competitive with the Tesla sedan, which is still very expensive. The barrier has been the range/tank pressure required. The consumer market won't accept anything lower than 300 miles between fill ups. That was going to take 15,000 psi tanks, a major engineering and materials problem, so the Toyota FC is using two 10,000 psi tanks. All the car manufacturers know the peak oil curve and they aren't looking at a Mad Max future. It's a few years from mass market affordability but the transition is coming.

Toyota makes Fuel Cell Vehicle star of CES 2014

Iceland and Hawaii have similar geological frameworks: they are volcanic islands. The Icelanders have long utilized their volcanic resource of hot water for both space heating, electrical generation, and now, hydrogen production. Space heating is less important in Hawaii, but utilization of geothermal resources makes lots of sense for other applications. As a geologist who has spent many years doing research and teaching in both Hawaii and Iceland, I find the disparity in the cultural attitude towards geothermal fascinating, and sad in the case of opportunities missed in Hawaii.

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