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Converting electricity to hydrogen is very inefficient. You waste a third or more of your energy in electrolysis then another third or more in a fuel cell converting it back to electricity. That's over 50% of your energy gone. Lithium batteries are over 95% efficient. They are mass produced, recyclable, and prices are falling. Every phone, computer, and mass produced electric car already runs on them. Hell my house runs on them. Even lead acid batteries are at least 80% effecient. If you think lithium is to expensive go price a hydrogen fuel cell. Yikes!!

Toyota's interest in hydrogen is probably a delay tactic because they have a huge investment in their hybrid cars, not EVs. Selling pure EVs wouldn't be as profitable. The companies that are producing pure EVs don't have profitable hybrid brands, thus don't have Toyota's delema.

Howzit Hawi;
The hydrogen fuel cell cars have 300 mile range. The lower cost Ev's have a short range which is a problem on the Big Island. One would be stuck in Kohala. Its all about cost. The curtailed--thrown away electricity is basically free.

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