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I did mention to Sandra once that the technical community on Hawaii island needs to interface to the locals better. Koko kanaka maoli means at least 50% for recognition. Many locals may be part Hawaiian but their bloodline percentage displaces them from any land rights and they are usually descendants of mixed marriage plantation laborers, often never owning land. Their adoption of the Hawaiian religion is often distorted. Mauna Kea is not sacred by itself. There are places on it that are sacred. It is Poliahu lying in deep sleep in Mauna Kea who is sacred. You do not want to wake up Poliahu. What needs to be communicated to the Hawaiians and the locals is that the TMT is Pele's Eye. Pele and Poliahu, even though sisters, are mortal enemies and Poliahu only sleeps because Pele defeated her in battle. Now, the TMT on Poliahu's back will allow Pele, who is alive and awake, the eye to look out into the universe for her companion, a rocky planet with an atmosphere and water. That is the message the TMT working group needs to convey.

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