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Aloha Richard, you need to address the situation with the East Rift Zone if you are going to be a proponent for Hawaii island geothermal energy. Essentially, while it looked like a good location for a geothermal plant (twice, remember the original location), it is completely out of the picture as far as a stable power source area. Have you been talking to Dr. Thomas and aware of his findings across Saddle? The East Rift Zone was being focused on due to the "hot spot" located directly underneath and more plentiful brine aquifers underground. Enhanced geothermal doesn't have this confined area limitation.

Also, maybe you might consider a Technology and Hawaiian Culture Symposium, inviting members of the technical and native community together to put all the issues on the table. The main thing the technical community needs to do is make real outreach, not just talk, and show there is a bridge between technology and the Hawaiian religion, rather than a conflict. You know the key areas: TMT, geothermal, military. All are going to be land issues for the next several years. You are always talking about the rubbah slippah folk but at almost every technology event, there are no locals. The technology - subsistance living divide is obvious. The locals are disconnected because they feel they have no say in the decisions, the actual jobs and work go to companies and crews that are flown in, the profits go to the mainland while the cost of living just keeps going up for the locals. Total disconnect.

I have been very aware of the findings on the flanks of Maunakea. Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983. Mauna Loa erupts on an average of 8 years--long over due. Maunakea last erupted 4,000 years ago. While doing exploratory drilling for water at Pohakuloa, boiling water was hit at 6,000 ft. Interestingly, the heat was not associated with a rift zone. Doing surface exploration hot rocks were detected around Humuula on Hawaiian Home Lands. The resource could be bigger than the entire East Rift. Since DHHL owns the geothermal resource they don't have to pay any other agency royalties for geothermal that is developed under their lands. That probably means that the beneficiaries could get a monthly cash payment for a portion of the development. It is entirely up to the DHHL and the beneficiaries. But they need to act quickly or it will be developed somewhere else and Hawaiians will have no benefit. Now the maka‘ainana can see who the real leaders are. The Law of the Splintered Paddle basically says: You cannot be ali'i if you cannot feed the people.

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