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Interesting term, slaves in the basement. Thomas Jefferson kept slaves in his basement at Monticello. The whole basement is slave stalls. US history tells us Thomas Jefferson did this, Thomas Jefferson did that. Actually, the "free" energy of slave labor is what built Monticello, that tended to the farms, that picked the crops, that tended to the clothes. Jefferson invented the lazy susan so that kitchen slaves wouldn't interrupt his guests by entering and leaving the dining room. When you have "free" energy, life is good.

Oil is down 30% over the past few months. Hawaiian Electric has no excuse for not lowering rates by at least a few percentage points. Really hoping Ige does major house cleaning in the PUC and the BED.

In my experience with the Big Island Community Coalition, it was Mina Morita and the PUC who stopped HECO and Aina Koa Pono from saddling the people with an unconscionable subsidy. It was this PUC who was instrumental in forcing the utility to show how it was going to lower rates and swithch out their oil fired plants on the Big Island.

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