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I am concerned that this is perhaps not a good way to go although I think it is better than the current situation and better than nothing the latter being the stance of most of our National Leader. There is not only the local situation but a world-wide problem that is very very complex and will impinge on every local situation. I am worried that knee-jerk fear-induced half-measures may make the situation worse rather than better. I suspect there are a lot of solutions that are in the works in the scientific community that need to be taken into consideration and I know of some of the possibilities. I question the adequacy of the PUC separate island strategy because for one thing it may result in an insularity that will not be able to take advantage of new technology. It is not a reason not to try things but it should add a note of caution.

Kauai was never conquered by King Kamehameha and they were never taken over by Hawaiian Electric. They became a coop more by circumstance rather than any great planning. It's still basically a plantation microgrid that is 92% oil burning electric plants needed for the long gone export sugar crop. It will be a tough road to try the same for Hawaii island. It is under Hawaiian Electric and it wouldn't seem to be in their best interest to divest just Hawaii island, since Hawaii island excess power is crucial for growth on Maui and Oahu. Things could change. HE has always said Hawaii island costs them more than what they take in, due to the sparse population and rugged terrains affecting upgrade costs. Electric co-ops can happen if the community is united. However, due to this, it seems highly unlikely on Hawaii island.

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