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Richard, there is a huge cultural gap filled with a sea of misinformation and you have to face that directly. Your message is getting too canned, even if it is valid. The issue here isn't jobs, education, etc. The issue here is religion and culture. There are some anti-TMT sites that are now urging brothers and sisters in defense of the attack on Maunakea. You are dealing with social media misinformation, and sticking to the standard support line isn't going to work. If the social media starts affecting OHA consensus, then things are going to get more mixed up. There needs be a dialogue started between the two communities dealing directly with the Hawaiian religion and culture, locals and astronomy, which should have been going on a long time ago but allowed to grow more and more separate. If this social media group is allowed to grow, then it will get worse.

Aloha Richard,

Mahalo for your work to keep dialogue going. I don't think demonizing younger generations who disagree with TMT and also use social media is the way to go. They have every right to their opinion. There are also many kupuna who have been involved and ignored for years on this.

Its a huge disservice to the community when you paint young Hawaiians who disagree with TMT as dangerous and warn that people may get hurt. What a false stereotype, please stop perpetuating it!


Aloha Mano. I was not demonizing the younger generation, just pointing out that the young folks graduating from college this year were in middle school when we first started the dialogue. It is not their fault that they don't know all the facts. Worse, they do not know when they are being given false information by folks driven by their own agenda. All at the expense of their own kids and future generations.

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