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There are no leaders.

Well said Richard. My thoughts:

TMT developers have consequences for everything they do. But so far they have been taking the abuse lying down.

On the other hand the protesters have been free to say anything they want, distort the facts and make up cultural stories. The media is more than happy to promote their message.

The protesters need to reap the consequences of their actions. The TMT principles shoild take legal action to recover lost investment in the project from all those who have caused the TMT to be delayed or perhaps cancelled. Start with Ritte and his Molokai minions. Get the names and file the suit. Now.

This is but a symbol of the larger issue of the radical movement to form some sort of Hawaiian nation. Basically a plan to get more free stuff like not having to pay state or fed taxes, freedom to build casinos and much more.

There needs to be consequences for behavior.

How does one recruit protesters?
1. Convince them the cause is just.
2. Convince them there is something in it for them. Present. A six pack of beer. Future. Some special treatment or free stuff
3. Be sure they do not have a real job.
4 be sure they are right brain dominant so that emotion overrides logic.

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