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Right on the kinipopo!
However May 11th might bring bigger problems. The threat is now the table. "Justification" is rediculous! It's the responsibility of the "protestors" to back off and not cause serious problems. Trying to lay the blame on TMT is not going to work. TMT is not doing anything illegal. The road is a public road for use by anyone with biz on the mauna.

I love Hawaii, I love Hawaii island. Mauna Kea is Madame Pele's home. Madame Pele is an amazing hostess. We are blessed to live in a country that allows me to make the statements I just made. God bless Pele, God bless America. Good bless each and everyone who respectfully expresses their opinion.

Kilauea is Pele's hale. Mauna Kea is Poliahu's hale. This is where these protester/protectors are getting their religion wrong. There are many things they are saying that are totally wrong, much of the Hawaiian religion they are voicing is Christian contaminated. Where the TMT committee went wrong is not facing the religion directly. The Hawaiian culture is the Hawaiian religion and the Hawaiian religion is the Hawaiian culture. This should not be difficult to understand but many people seem to get things all mixed up. The first step is all parties realize the observatories are heiaus supported by the kahuna of Mauna Kea.

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