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Mr. Ha nobody is kicking anybody out. We want the "TRUTH" to surface and have reconciliation. I believe in honesty and just be clean. Was US clean and honest? NO. Because of their accomplishment in stealing Hawai'i make them good guys for they put money in our pockets which we paid for through our taxes. Then the Fake State of Hawai'i leases crown lands $1 a year. You a business man is that a good deal? NO. Would you lease all your farm land of $1? No. Do you believe in the "TRUTH"?

The problem is illegal occupancy, somebody "lied and cheated". Would you allow all the money you can get your hands on by being dishonest? I don't think so or I could be wrong? But you support the crime and that is why people like me have a legal argument with the USA and other who supports white collar crimes.

You see all of this challenges came about because somebody cheated. If their was a balance from the beginning when the US decided they needed Hawai'i for US Military power in the Pacific and did not get greedy and worked it out then we could have had reconciliation long time ago. What we got was desecration. confiscation of family lands especially in the vicinity of military bases from Hawaiian families. Did your family lose any land to the US? Proberly not.

Why do we have churches, schools, and courts to enforce "TRUTH"? You understand money, you know where to invest, you know how to save and you have buying power therefore you are considered wealthy in the material world. What about the world of justice must be served when a crime is committed? Or is it your world its okay to commit a crime as long as we all get something in return.

You see Mr. Ha is all about morals being trustworthy. Dead or alive I want my family and friends to say he is clean man in all of his endeavors and he supported the "TRUTH" above all!

your opinion is not new and still ignorant of many facts. So it is understandable that in your ignorance you would say what you say. Money? what money? We are sovereign, not trying to get it. The only repeat is going on is the stealing, lying and illegal deeds of the usurpers and their descendants and followers. So much more but waste time, go learn more history, common law and the law of the splinter paddle of this Kingdom nation, then maybe you understand why we who are keiki o ka aina do what we do.

you make some almost valued points but your underlying prejudices and yes they are shining thru invalidate anything you say...even 1 plus 1 equals two....and yes I wear rubba slippas and yes I have studied our history and Americas too....I know we are not Americans....can you prove we are? Show me anything that shows we are....every issue in Hawaii is based on that lie....oh and yes I have offered a solution an alternative plan that takes all people into consideration...there are many behind the scene efforts and conversation happening...sorry you are in the know...but I am sure when the time is right you will and you read like the kind of person that will go with the flow no matter which the flow is going....Since your comments are moderated I dont think you will slip this one in but that's okay...aloha

Aloha Ha, perhaps there are some folks who fit in with your conclusion about adaptation. I think some Hawaiian people have adapted to being abused. I think of this as a simple problem, these lands are a private trust set aside for the Hawaiian people. The United States made themselves the trustee and has raped the trust. Hawaiians have not lost their title interests because of illegal activity on the US part. I see this as Hawaiian people exercising their property rights and if the UH and others wanting to build telescopes can straighten out arrangements with the owners,ok then. I believe Hawaiians should take a conservative path and insist on the law being followed by all parties.

The biggest problem with the anti-TMT movement is the same as the anti-geothermal, anti-GMO, and anti-science social media protests.

They make no rational sense, if one emotion filled cause is questioned, then they leap to some totally unrelated imaginary problem. This is how social media works, be in a state of total confusion all the time.

Look at the people gathering for these various pro-chaos movements. They are displaced and they are beyond the age of education programs, and they really have no interest in hearing about jobs. They want to know what kind of free food and money is in it for them. There is also a lot of money pumping into these anti movements. The term that is starting to show up is C.A.V.E. people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything).

I told you a couple years ago, Richard, that you had better have infinite patience. There are people that want to see chaos reign, they have been there since humans developed self awareness. Why? Their brains have somehow developed the connection that disorder is a key factor for survival.

People need to remember the words "New World Order". These words came from George Bush senior's mouth. He is a Republican. The Republicans are the anti-science party. George Bush senior was also one of the founders of the CIA and NSA. When he said "New World Order", it was without completing the rest of the phrase. "New World Order... after Total World Disorder". These protesters are just pawns and if they listened to Dick Cheney speak, they would realize they are just pieces on his chess board.

All that is happening is the Hawaiian native people are being herded and rounded up like cattle, being manipulated by these outside interests. A dumbed down population is easier to control than an educated one. Dumbed down people can be controlled through emotional manipulation, which happens to be one of the many results of CIA brain-washing research from the '60's. It is just going to get worse.

Mr. Ha, Our land, mountains, oceans and natural resources are precious and priceless. Preservation and conservation is more important to us than any dollar amount that can be given to us for the purchase of our resources. Our land is sacred and left to us by our ancestors for sustainability purposes and to become self-sufficient. We connect to all animals, natural resources and plants- emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We will never give it up for anything in the world, now and in the future. As far as change goes, changes by force against us shall not happen; our culture is our lifestyle which shall remain status quo (same) at all times (the way we want as Native Hawaiians). We will continue to fight and adapt to change our way, not by yours. Not by your force, but by our choice. ~Maelani Lee, Oahu, Waianae, Hawaii.

Alpha Mr. Ha,
All those $$$$ amounts you talked about that would bring us forward is waha, if this is true than why hasn't there been any $$$$ for the other 13 telescopes that were built why only now is the song different and giving monies to OHA oh well may as well forget it, too much of our people's today all about the $$$$, there is more to life than money, values and truth and righteousness people's that don't speak with forth tongue or sell out for the $$$$. Today there are so many organizations set up to help us, yet when we apply for these programs oh well what money? Time to reflect on all the bulaia talk we've been given and let us decide for ourselves what works. DEOCCUPATION will be inevitable it will happen we can't let this bull hit the fan, you're right we are going to move forward, in regaining all that has been stolen and lost to greed, no more will we turn the other cheek and be an abused people's. ENOUGH WRONG! TIME FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS=DEOCCUPATION!

Richard Ha it sadden me to read your post because it's like you have forgotten your roots, no matter where you come from the land is apart of you, we the people came from her the Aina, the Aina has always provided no matter what but this is all we have left and we are fighting to protect what ever we can. When is enough going to be enough? Why should we be okay with losing what is so precious. We the people have adopted to change all our lives, the ones that have been silence will now be heard. No more desecration. Through all this I hope your heart and your intentions change. Remember land is life it gives life, without land there is no life, if we stand together as one we can protect what is left to perpetuate a future to pass down to our keki our children, children for how would you feel to leave your keki your mo'opuna with what little remains after it has been lost to desecration and destruction from greed. Please think about and not take for granted the true value of the Aina

I remember being taught that our Hawaiian people were once ignorant ..Now, the tables turn. From Hawaiian view and ways, the US is ignorant. Mr.Ha says he can't understand..GOOD..that goes to show that they don't understand Hawaii..ignorant. Just like hawaiians couldn't understand Haole's. Our turn to teach!

I have never been able to figure out exactly who are the "rubbah slippah" people you refer to Richard Ha, and I have to admit that I am a little surprised that union construction workers and scientists or technicians are part of that group. You do realize that if you show up at a union job site and plan to work in rubber slippers you will get sent home most likely. You use that term like it is not meant to be demeaning but I would not hesitate to think that anyone who has worked hard to get to a certain stature in their workplace would frown upon being referred to as "rubbah slippah people".

Richard ha. Hamau kaleo, no is no. Can you and the rest adapt to that kukiaimauna. Imua kakou

Mr. Richard Ha, adapt??? Really??? I mean our people never had an energy crisis because we made due what we had. Not until European settlers arrived did we realize, uh, we need energy. Wouldn't we be saving our pockets and homeless people if we could live like our ancestors? They made sure that everyone had a spot on this honua? Ever heard of one homeless person in the 1800's or 1700's, etc. Not once! The problem is greed and colonialism and the blatant disregard for what may illegal or legal.

So ur stating, since the TMT followed all US laws, in the mean time, while decision makers decide, ah- let'em build. Ah, let those Hawaii atop Mauna Kea find someplace else to worship. Uh- No way. Whenever there is question about land issues, there is always a halt on any type of construction, that's US law itself. So until the US can prove that Hawaii was indeed annexed, than AoleTMT!

Please define what are adapting to? The TMT has yet to prove anything. Neither has any other telescope out there. Yeah we have great technology, but what type of practicality has it brought to the younger generation stuck on iphone, ipods, androids, etc.

We wanna talk about sustainability and energy, grow what we eat, harness solar energy and make it free to install. Let us gather and hunt like our ancestors. That's sustainability for every household in Hawaii.

My reason for opposing the TMT telescope is due to the great harm the telescope can cause to the land, water, and the resources we depend on for survival. When the other telescopes were built we did not have nor did we know where to find more information about the affects these telescopes have on our environment. I live off grid and depend on the water and animals both in the oceans and on land and by having all this toxic chemicals in the land this will eventually deplete those natural resources that we are dependent on. There are 13 other telescopes on Mauna Kea and there is no current plan of action to remove those structures and the toxic chemicals sitting beneath them. To the best of my knowledge at least one of those telescopes have already leaked these toxic chemicals in the land and yet they are still there. The grestest risk would be that when not if there is a huge earthquake these structures that hold these toxic chemicals will seep into the land affecting not only our water but the plants and animals both on land and in the ocean that we are dependent on. You started off your article talking about "planning for the future and adapting to our changing energy needs" so does this mean we should be planning for the diaster these toxic chemicals will have on our people who live here rather than trying to protect the natural resources we already have?

I personally feel if anyone is going to make a point in why to build TMT, it is to me not so much for the economic boost, that is insulting to trade money for something sacred. The real reason (if any) to build the TMT is for the global community accessing amazing information in how our universe is made, works, and our place in it. If the rest of the world could ask the Hawaiian people for the grace of placing such a useful tool to understand our universe so much better...if Hawaiian people would share their sacred space, at least we can feel good that wisdom and enlightenment would come from it. But bringing up money and law will only stir the hornets nest.

I personally have been torn on this issue, knowledge and learning is my temple. Part of that temple is learning and respecting other cultures and their sacred places. I have my own sacred places as well, we all do...
I'm glad I don't have to decide on this, it splits me down the middle. If the TMT was a for profit tourist attraction, It would be easy to reject it. Since the TMT is about learning about one of my favorite subjects, it's tough...
I guess I hope the TMT can go somewhere if not Mauna Kea.
Peace, love and aloha to you all...breath...be good to each other... :-)

To all the so called Hawaiians that want all non Hawaiians to leave Hawaii. I'm willing to do so if you're willing to cut the non-Hawaiian parts of you off and make it leave too. The only whole people should be the very few 100% Hawaiians. Everyone else should be pieces. Until you're willing to do so, I'm staying.

The adapting to change I am referring to is--adapting to decline in net energy. The harder it is to get energy, the less energy that society has available to do its work and grow its food. Current economic theory assumes growth. But, growth depends on net energy increasing. Organisms, organizations and civilizations must have positive net energy or it will go extinct. The pluses must exceed the minuses. Money is a scorecard for that relationship. Hawaii Island has the lowest median family income of all the counties. We depend a lot on tourism and the military to give us more pluses than minuses. But, as net energy declines and oil price rises, the tourism sector will decline as tourists have less extra money. The astronomy sector brings in free money from the outside. The TMT itself will add $25 million annually to the pluses for the Big Islands economy. The military adds $17 billion more to the states economy than the federal government taxes us. So, when I hear that folks will not compromise about allowing the TMT to be built, I wonder how we will insure that the pluses exceed the minuses for future generations. I would like to see a plan. I am open to any ideas.

The phrase Native Hawaiian is a total contradiction anyway. The first Polynesian migrants to these islands were from the Marshall islands. The second wave of Polynesian migrants were from Samoa or Tonga, and they still battle each other on the streets about who came before. The Tahitian Polynesians that became what is now generally accepted as Native Hawaiians arrived and made the previous Polynesians their slaves. Then, a group of Hawaiians went back to Tahiti and brought back a large group of Tahitians that the first wave of Tahitians wanted to get away from. This second group of Tahitians, around 1000 CE, immediately conquered the rest, made themselves royal, and the rest became serfs. This second wave of Tahitians is what is being called kanaka maoli in this revisionist history being spouted by these protesters. There is actually nothing "native" about Hawaii except the lava rock and even that migrated up from the center of the Earth. The lesson isn't who is first, or who can hold on longest. Those who can take and fight off challengers is what defines ownership. Might does make right, by definition. Better for the displaced locals to start looking at the Akaka bill and how a Hawaiian Nation can be achieved long before the Hawaiian Kingdom has a chance of snowball in a shaved ice machine. Yeah, the talk about money is crass. TMT is about all humans to begin peering into the Nothing beyond the beginning, which comprises 96% of this uni-verse among the multi-verses.

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